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Monday, January 10, 2011


The WIC office was a location we had been trying to contact throughout the project, and after photographing Cara at AMD (funny, she was with me from A-Z locations. . . or A-W as it were). This WIC office was willing, and before I even got into the office (getting turned around on the "grid" of downtown several times. . .all those One Way streets are to blame I'm sure) Cara had talked with the individual mothers, asking if they were in fact breastfeeding mothers and if they'd be willing to allow me to photograph. This particular location offered a much more diverse group than I was able to have throughout the project, based mostly on the lack of diversity in our area. Here we had an Indian mother, a few Hispanic mothers, a husband and wife pair, he was Middle-Eastern, and an African mother, who was our only nursing mother in the group. Thankfully she was willing to allow me to photograph her, but only with a blanket covering, until she and I talked a bit and I was able to show her the types of photos I was taking, at which time she felt more comfortable (and she's not the only time this happened) with allowing me photographs of her nursing without a cover. There was also a class about to start when we got to the WIC office, so this shoot was very quick and I also photographed a few of the signs to show WIC's take on the importance of breastfeeding.WOW. . . what a project. A few more posts to come now that I've waited long enough for the Call to Action to be published. . . poster work and the Call itself to be posted next.

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Renee said...

like the "please feel free to breastfeed anywhere you wish" :)