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Friday, May 11, 2012

3rd Annual WBW Nursing Portrait Fundraiser

Landslide Photography Presents
The Third Annual
World Breastfeeding Week
Nursing Portrait Fundraiser

Micro Sessions $20
20 minute session
5 high-res digital negatives
(5 additional negatives $25, 10 or more additional digital negatives $50)

Thursday August 2-Ogden (11-2)
Friday August 3-Sandy (11-2)
Monday August 6-Orem/Provo
Tuesday August 7-Murray (9-12 then join us for our series meeting across the street)

Funds raised benefit LLL of Murray/Utah
contact for an appointment
*additional photos/digital negatives available for purchase

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Katherine & Sam

I plan to take on a new endeavor in my nursing portraits, just as a fun project.  I had intention of taking some photos of a friend between two trips, during a time when I arrived home and Mike was gone for another two days, and then entering those photos in a World Breastfeeding Week photo contest, which I've failed to enter for the past three years. . . well, I failed again.  I mean, the session was great.  Katherine & I had a TON of fun playing "dress up" and there are many more images to share, but it's late and I'm out of steam.  And as far as failure is concerned, I was just TOO busy and missed the deadline (even after telling myself ALL DAY that day to remember to put up some photos by evening).  So far, this is the only one I've even slightly processed. . . but it gives a real feel for what we were about that day and I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jen & Reilly

Recently a mother got in touch with me, who has had to make a difficult decision to give up breastfeeding for the sake of her own physical health. It wasn't a decision made lightly or without some sadness and feeling of loss, but she felt that if she could have some nursing portraits taken, she would feel completely at peace with the decision she was needing to make. What a beautiful way to preserve and say good-bye to a season of life with one's baby. A fellow LLL leader actually recommended me to her, which was also quite a high complement. I really hope that over time this part of my business will blossom and am taking strides to get it there, but most of my nursing portrait sessions have been during our annual fundraiser for World Breastfeeding Week, so I was overjoyed to have been referred to someone and to get to be a part of such an important time in this mama and daughter's lives.

Family Affair: Heather & Carlie

We actually did several nursing photos during this first family photo session. Heather has been part of the Nursing Portrait Fundraiser the past two years and welcomed her second baby girl in January. On a snowy day a couple of weeks later, we had a quick session at her home. I loved this one of she and her husband (big sister is running around somewhere too).

Mel & Linea

Sometimes it's just a single frame during a family photo session. Mel was the winner of the online silent auction during the Breastfeeding Cafe in August and won a mini-session with me, which we did in early November. The newest baby girl was unhappy most of the shoot (come to find out, she just needed to fill a diaper, which she did about 5 minutes after we ended the session). But sometimes you just have to stop mid-session and nurse a baby because you just don't know what she's upset about :)

Xela, Gigi & EmmiLou

Xela and I met at a friend's St. Patrick's Day kid party in the spring, she was very pregnant at the time. I didn't realize that she was such a pro breastfeeding mama, until a few months later when we met again at the Baby Wearing Flash Mob practices and got to know her a bit better. She's over at Happy Hippie Homemaker if you want to stop by. The photos were absolutely stunning (you know, after we got over the part where her newborn pooped on the bed of the person who's home we were using for the Thursday shoots, as soon as her diaper was off) but many are more intimate than I'm willing to post (if you can believe that).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heidi & Jules

I've known Heidi for a few years now. Last year we did a nursing photo session, a family photo session and then she also showed up a couple of months later, for our fundraiser, in Liberty Park. This year she wanted to go for a more sophisticated nursing portrait look. I LOVE that idea and I'm taking the though to the next level in the near future.

Micki & Ender

I love it when someone brings along a friend for our fundraiser. . . the more the word gets out, the better! Micki came with her little guy and we enjoyed a fun little session. I believe this is her third baby to nurse. I love a mama who just loves nursing her babies.

Sarah & Luke

We almost missed one another. My afternoon at Liberty Park is slow going. Last year I had four or five mamas show, which was my smallest day of the three, and this year I believe I had three, one of whom was already at the Thursday shoot and a second who wanted sweet photos of her little girl, but not nursing photos. As I was packing up the car with my friend Renee, who came by for support, but not photos, and we were going to return to the park to allow for some splashy fun for our girls. . . I ran into Sarah & her family in the parking lot. I'd met them at the recent Baby Wearing Flash Mob practice, so I recognized her. We were able to head back into the park and enjoy a really fun session with the whole family
This is my second year photographing Melissa & Xavi. She says the sweetest things, like that one of last year's photos is her most treasured photo and that she's not photogenic (she is) but I make her look beautiful. I tell her things like "it's the oxytocin" it gives all moms a beautiful glow.