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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tiffany & Christian

Here commences 17 photo shoots (15 of which will be displayed on this blog) of mothers and babies doing what they do best, nursing! World Breastfeeding Week inspired me this year to do some fundraising for the La Leche League group that I am a leader for. I wanted to put my talents to good use, give moms a gift and raise a little money for our group all in one, so I chose to offer "mini nursing portrait sessions" for a minimum donation, three nights in a row, the week of World Breastfeeding Week. The first shoot was in Murray Park. . .3 moms (2 of whom gave me permission to post their photographs). And the first pair, Tiffany & Christian. I met Tiffany while she was still pregnant and visited one of our LLL meetings, I think she's hooked now. Christian is 5 months in these photos.

Katrina, Asher & Miriam

A new kind of story. . . a friend (from LLL) posted that a lady in town wanted to do free nursing portraits for people to start a project called "At Mother's Breast." Of course I was totally up for it. . .FREE pictures, and NURSING portraits OF my daughter(s) and I. . . I was totally in! She did an amazing job of portraits of the girls and I, and she was about 6 months pregnant at the time. So, when Miss Miriam came along, I told Katrina that she just HAS to be part of her own project and I'd love to do the portraits if she'd have me. What a beautiful trio these three make (and two nursing pairs as well). And Katrina is my hero, she had this little girl BREACH in a homebirth! From her account, I'm pretty sure this "wrong way" baby was easier to birth, than my own two "right way" babies. I am surrounded by amazing women!