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Monday, January 10, 2011

AMD Architecture

Basically, we had a list of 70+ businesses who were approached by various women involved with the Breastfeeding Cafe this year. When the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition was given this grant, based in part on the success of that community effort in August, two women, Jeena and Melissa (UBC Cafe Chairperson) were willing to help me by calling each business who did not respond to my initial email or did not have an email contact. Of those 70+ businesses, approximately 25 were willing participants in this project (some never got the message, some didn't return calls/emails, some weren't interested, some could not have me come photograph on the days I was most available, etc). That's the background on how the businesses you will now see, came to be part of this project, "Utah Opens its Doors to Breastfeeding Mothers."

AMD Architecture is run by Angela who shared that she was a breastfeeding mother twice around, as she began her architecture practice and worked from her home before opening her own office. One of the local LLL leaders had used Angela for some work (in fact she is currently using Angela for some work) and approached her to request she display the International Breastfeeding Symbol during the Breastfeeding Cafe. Cara was my willing model with little Alex (She is with the UBC).

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