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Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Expectations Birth Care

Rebecca Williams with Great Expectations Birth Care was a midwife I visited a single time when pregnant with my first baby (only because we did not end up having her here in UT), and the midwife I knew I would return to when I had another baby (because we had relocated to UT by that time). In August when businesses were being approached to display the International Breastfeeding Symbol, I knew she would be a happy supporter. Renee & Clarissa were my models here, since Rebecca was also Renee's midwife for two of her three babies. Recently Rebecca shared with me that a mother was visiting the dentist within the complex, saw the breastfeeding symbol and asked to come in and nurse her baby there, since she felt uncomfortable about doing it in the waiting room full of older gentlemen at the dentist office. SEE. . . it works!We also had a little fun here and Renee grabbed a few photos of yours truly

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