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Monday, January 10, 2011

Imagination Place

Imagination Place offers amazing Music Programs and classes that we have attended for three years now. At one point someone wrote a note and posted it on the memo board, requesting that mothers NOT nurse in group music classes (designed for chidlren under the age or 4.5). This was a few years ago, but in response, the International Breastfeeding Symbol was displayed. Thank you to Stephanie & Henry who stood in for the models that I'd set up for this location, unfortunately I wasn't able to be there the week that I'd intended and didn't get in touch with my "models" who were regulars in this Saturday morning class. When I showed up to photograph them the following week, assuming they'd be there, I later found out that they had a trip out of town scheduled for that week. . . of course! But it was the final weekend before the project was due, so I didn't have opportunity to come back another time for these photos. Thankfully I had a willing pair during the lullaby. Because of the true photojournalistic nature of this shoot, there are more photos of the symbol than the action, but I loved having so many cute and easy models to work with displaying what this business is about while the symbol was displayed in the background (and of course my own children made it in some of the shots too)

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