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Monday, January 10, 2011

U of U Hospital

Elizabeth Smith (with the UBC) helped me get into this location and navigate which areas of the hospital would be allowable and accessible for photographing. She even found us new mom and babies. . . yep babieS. . . less than 24 hour old twins, Maya and Sage to photograph, I think mom's name was Julie. What a fun opportunity. We photographed three locations, pediatrics, Obstetrics and Labor & Delivery Recovery unit. The University of Utah hospital is the only "Baby Friendly" hospital in Utah, having taken the WHO/UNICEF steps necessary to become baby friend, which is quite an accomplishment. Read more about it here It was difficult not to make the photographing of these twins into a portrait session. . .I love newness, freshness, breastfeeding and portraits that capture it all. I resisted and wasn't as happy with my result as I would have been had I just given in to my desire to portrait photograph them instead of "project" photograph.

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Chelsea said...

I love your photographs! What an awesome project.
Are you sure the U is the only baby-friendly hospital? I think the one in Cedar City may be....