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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liz & Sebastian

Ah Liz and Sebastian. These two are my neighbors and friends. I guess technically we also met at LLL about a year ago, but Liz and I really sparked up a friendship when she showed up for the monthly food co-op and I was just sure I'd seen her somewhere before. As usually occurs when I just "know" I've met someone previously, we start talking about things we do during the week and quickly came up with LLL. And though our meeting place was about 20 minutes drive from home, we actually live within 3 minutes walking distance from one another. We did a few "pretty" photos at Liz's then we got just a few shots of "public" nursing at the UTA station, and tried for the bookstore, however, Sebastian was "all eyes on me" as you can see above. I can't say I mind, do you see those big, blue peepers? But to say the least, he was not super content to nurse wherever WE pleased that day so we gave him some light reading to set the mood (it didn't work, he wanted to play with a toy helicopter instead. . . boys will be boys!). This is what I'm learning about the nursing photos, each kiddo has their own "way" and a few good shots is all I can hope for.

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