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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kristy & Hannah (Ha-Na)

I met Kristy while we both shared several volunteer shots at the Breastfeeding Cafe last month. Kristy is super fun to talk with and spend time with. She was there when I started developing my idea for turning the focus of my photography business to "mom moments" and one of the first moms I asked to sit for me. Kristy says her husband takes nursing photos of her but they're "too conservative," she wanted something to really promote breastfeeding and show the nursing relationship she has with Hannah, who just turned a year last week. Her bright red hair with Hannah's piercing blue eyes and fair skin made these really wonderful. I love the one where Hannah is playing with Kristy's face. This little munchkin was SUPER distracted by having a visitor and a loud clicking camera during nursing time, but I think we got some really precious photos regardless.
You obviously can't tell through photos, but Kristy had a somewhat difficult birth scenario which in turn caused a pretty difficult start to breastfeeding. These photos show that a difficult start, padded with some perseverence, dedication to breastfeeding and outside support can go a long way to creating a very special and thriving breastfeeding relationship.

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