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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amy & Amalie

Amy is a good friend. She and I met through the community food co-op last year, or was it early this year? Well, regardless, she had come to do some volunteering on that Saturday morning (it was probably a cold Saturday morning if it was early this year) and she and I hit it off, sharing breastfeeding discussions, along with Liz (of Liz & Sebastian). Soon after she started coming to a weekly moms & tots group that we started up along with a few other moms, and well, she's just awesome. She's got three babies, 2 boys (5/3) and baby girl Amalie (2 in December). She's a sign-language interpreter, so all of her babies know sign. (Here Amy signs "milk" and Amalie is signing it back). She's nursing her third little one, and with each her awareness and information on the benefits of nursing have increased. We are always growing and learning as mothers.

And a final one of sweet Amalie.

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