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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chris & Jack

I met Chris at a La Leche League meeting when Jack was 5 months old. We didn't see her for months and then a few months ago she showed up again and was very pregnant. When I decided to take on Bellies & Beyond, I started thinking of "special" nursing situations and remembered Chris was due "any day," while still nursing 18 month old Jack. A lot of moms don't know you can still nurse ALL THE WAY through pregnancy and even "Tandem Nurse" (a good book on this "Adventures in Tandem Nursing"), even Chris didn't realize this was okay, until Jack just never stopped nursing and she saw herself with a future in Tandem nursing.
I emailed Chris to find out if she'd be okay with me doing a few photos for my project, which included "positive images of breastfeeding" for the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition website, as well as the building of my own portfolio for my new endeavor, Nursing photos. She was excited at the opportunity to show other moms that it's okay to nurse while pregnant. I caught her almost exactly 48 hours before Isaac came into their lives, we did the shoot around 4pm on Thursday and Isaac came on scene around 4pm on Saturday. I got to combine my favorite type of photography, maternity, with my new focus, nursing. Very exciting for a first shoot.

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