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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alicia & Ridge

Alicia and Ridge, what a sweet pair. Again, met Alicia at LLL. I generally leave location options up to the moms. Alicia and her husband are really "outdoorsy" people and so she opted for "The Canyons" area. We had a great time doing these photos. We made our way up to Silver Lake/Brighton where it was a tad chillier than in the lower elevations. The colors were gorgeous, Ridge nurses pretty much anywhere, even running around and playing wasn't enough of a distraction to stop him from agreeing to all offers to nurse. A "nurse anywhere" kind of kid is way easier to photograph than a distracted tot. Alicia had mentioned getting some shots on a ski lift and we spotted some near to the road just after shooting a few photos under the "Brighton Ski" sign. So we pulled over a third time, hopped out and had she and Ridge make their way onto one of the lifts. It didn't really occur to us that there's a huge difference in the height of a lift from the ground during the "off" season and the ski season (like maybe 2 or 3 feet of difference) but she was determined, and the ski lift photos were really fun and unique as well.

And Ridge running around having a great time on the Silver Lake Boardwalk with the AWESOME array of colors in the background.

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Heather said...

these are really beautiful!