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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Erin & Levi

Another Utah Mama sat for me this week. This is Erin and little Levi who is about 11 weeks old. Erin had a Cesarian birth, and once again, though we can't "see" birth experiences in these photos, I love having a variety of situations since I know women have a lot of different things to overcome when breastfeeding, one of which is coming to terms with and acceptance of the birth experience. Erin is lucky in that she has a huge and I mean HUGE support system of women in her family who have breastfed more than one baby each and she can turn to with questions, concerns and triumphs.
I met Erin, like most of my moms, through La Leche League while she was still pregnant, but very pregnant and that her son could just have easily been named Thor, was something that stuck with me. . . a pretty strong name for a little man. These photos were a lot of fun, in Murray Park, awesome mountain view in the background and some fun ones on the playground too. I have to say, I was most impressed that as the mom of an 11 week old baby, Erin not only found a clean shirt to wear. . . but a clean WHITE shirt at that :) What's your secret Erin?

Of course I snuck a photo of Levi in all his seriousness too. I try to get all of the babies so we can see them when they're little faces aren't away from the camera and focused on mom.


Erin&Nathan said...

Good job! Very nice pictures.

Nathan and Erin said...

Oh, sweet memories. Thank you for taking these beautiful photographs!

Paula said...

What a treasure these pictures are to me--Erin's mom, Levi's grandma. Thank you.