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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Charity & Karl

Charity and I met one another at the very same workshop where I was announced officially as a leader with La Leche League. She'd recently come from California, so I was immediately interested in talking with her about her experience there as a La Leche League leader. We met again at a communications workshop early in our pregnancies when our bellies were just starting to pop (about 3 months), and a few times in between then and our babies coming (only 2 weeks apart). I was priveleged to photograph her growing belly and family, and then again to photograph the entire family back in March, including nursing photos here. Then, just two days before Karl's 1st Birthday, Charity was part of the fundraiser. Look at this very happy little (too close to) 1 year old. Overly tired and unwilling to yeild, it was a challenge to get many nursing photos this day and DEFINITELY not while mom was sitting!!

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