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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alisha & Evelyn

Along with Katrina and Myself, Alisha was the third photographer who has her work (nursing portraits) displayed at the Breastfeeding Cafe this year. I'd heard her name for the past year or so, but we only met about five weeks prior to the start of the Cafe this year. We came together with a few others to look at the Cafe space and work on some design ideas a couple of weeks later, and then I met her again when she attended my class at the Cafe. She was on the fence when it came to participating in the WBW fundraiser, but in the end, was there! And I'm so happy. . .look at this sweet pair, and especially this adorable 5 month old Evelyn! Can you even stand her? Preciousness not to be missed. It's always fun to photograph a fellow photographer and tell them to stop bossing you around :) But as a photographer we know how we want photos to be composed and to look, so sometimes it's hard to just give over control and eagerly anticipate seeing the results! I hope she was pleased with them.Alisha is a studio photographer mostly, and shoots for a lot of women's issues. She is amazing! She also allowed me (two weeks after this shoot) use of her studio for a little while to do some 1 year photos of Airi on her birthday. What a super lady she is!

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Jasmine said...

i love these, especially the last. so, so great of both teh girls!