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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charity and Karl

Charity and I met about a year and a half ago and a semi-annual La Leche League workshop. She mentioned something about being from California, which instantly piqued my interest, as that's where I also hale from. It wasn't until we were both VERY pregnant about 10 months later, that she contacted me with a desire to have some maternity portraits done with her family. She'd seen several of my previous nursing photos on the website that the Salt Lake City LLL group had put together and it made her eager for some belly photos, with a desire to later have some nursing photos taken. So in this sense, I suppose my photo journey with Charity and her family have included "from belly to the breast." Her Karl was born just 15 days before my own little one, so the babies are changing at relatively the same pace these days. We did this nursing session around Karl's 7 month mark, it's fun to see how that little guy who was in her belly last year, is such an integrated new part of this wonderful family. One aspect of this particular shoot that I loved was how some of the nursing photos show the roles of different family members in the nursing relationship and how nursing is an obviousl "every day part of life."

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