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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laurel and MJ

Like so many of the moms I have done nursing portraits for, I met Laurel through La Leche League. When she asked if I'd do a family photo shoot for their family, I was totally on board, plus she also wanted there to be some special nursing photos taken. We took the photos in her home and braved what seemed like a drab day, to head to Wheeler Farm for the family shoot. The sky was actually amazing for us for that later part. Laurel has since become a leader with La Leche League and we've spent many months getting to know one another. She's an amazing woman who supports her mom friends in wonderful ways, like making me manicotti when my second little girl came on scene. Something I love about Laurel's nursing stories is that she has a long term health issue of which the symptoms completely subsided for many many months of nursing. What an awesome benefit of breastfeeding!

These photos were taken last October, when Madeleine was 20 months, now she's 30 months and still going strong. As with many nursing tots, I created a HUGE distraction for a generally "easy" nurser. I loved this series where Maddie became engaged with her mama while playing with her hands and her ring (instead of the ones where she was twisting in every direction WHILE nursing, to look at me).

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Family of 5 said...

these are wonderful! hadn't seen them before!