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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michelle & Athena

I met Michelle while leading a class on "Photographing Children and Newborns" at the Breastfeeding Cafe on Wednesday morning. I encouraged moms to take LOTS of photos of their babies, and of course, any time a photography has opportunity to mention their business or work, they do, so the moms there knew that I was the artist behind four of the 10 large photos being displayed at the Cafe, and that I was holding a fundraiser over the next three days. Michelle emailed me that night to let me know she'd be coming to our Thursday gathering. Athena is a sweety with deep brown eyes, and Michelle has done some photography work for the YWCA so she's somewhat familiar with photography. What fun to get to capture this mama/daughter pair! I should have written all of this when it was fresh but I want to say that Athena is a little older than Airi in these photos, maybe 14 months?

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