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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ginger & True

Ginger and I have known one another since the very first La Leche League meeting either of us ever attended. Her big boy, Cache, was 5 weeks old, and my BIG girl, Alani was 8 months at the time. We've had their family over for dinner, done playdates together, and Ginger was also first to introduce us to Music Together in December of 2007. That REALLY stuck! We've been going ever since, and she and her two babies go for sessions here and there. We were even in a session together during the time of this shoot. Due only 9 days apart and having our baby girls 4 WEEKS apart, we are now traveling through motherhood a second time around, at a relative close pace. True has the sweetest little face and I was so excited to get to snap a few of these two together.

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