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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leah & Jane (and Andrew too)

I guess Leah and her kiddos have been in Music Together with my kiddos and I for the past two or three sessions now, maybe since January. Our friendship has built slowly over time, actually sort of through a third party mom in our class who Leah was already friends with. Through conversations I found out that she knew people I know because she regularly attends another local La Leche League meeting. When I decided to do the fundraiser, I passed the information on to her, since I knew she was still nursing 16 month old Jane, attended LLL meetings and seemed to be a breastfeeding supporter. What fun to photograph these two, plus this afternoon we did the photos at my GOOD friend (and fellow La Leche League leader)'s house. It was so much fun to have a gathering of like-minded mamas there to support a good cause, nurse our babies together and watch our kiddos play and have a good time.Sweet Big Boy hugs while sister nursesAnd OH those eyes Jane!!!

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