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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bands, Bras, Tanks & Tees

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I sat in an LLL Meeting one time and heard a woman (who would later become one of my closest friends) say that she didn't care if people saw her breast exposed while breastfeeding, she just didn't want to lift up her shirt to expose her mid-section for the world to see :)  It occurred to me then that I felt the same way, but just didn't realize it.  I'd never invested much in nursing wear, I'd just figured out how to make whatever I was wearing, work with nursing.  After that discussion, however, I realized one of the best nursing wear ideas is just to use a "belly band" which some women are already purchasing to extend the life and limits of their shrinking shirts during pregnancy, so you can lift without showing off your new baby-less figure in the early months. In fact, at the time, someone had come up with and was marketing this very same product, as a nursing attire item.  It too me a while to put together that essentially she was just offering women a belly band! I really don't care much about modesty, so bare that midsection if you want :)

I have tried many different nursing bras and never have found the right fit.  I found a bra called a "T Shirt" bra at The GAP when my oldest daughter was about 7 months old and I bought three.  I loved those bras to death and wore them for about 5 years until they were so stretched and worn that they no longer served their purpose.

In the early days of both of my daughters' infancy, I found that I was just WET all the time!!!  Someone had either spit-up, peed, pooped, drooled, or fallen asleep in a puddle of sweat on me, or I was leaking from my breasts and my pores at all hours of the day.  I wore A LOT of tank tops.  I remember the first time I wore a t-shirt after my daughter was born and how I was confused by why my shirt was all wet on the chest, realizing later that I wore tank tops every day, so I was usually able to just wipe away whatever wet mess was on my chest, instead of soaking into my shirt.  I'm more of an "over the top" nurser than a "lifter" so scoop neck shirts and tank tops are the way to my heart.  Winter is not my friend :)

I did have ONE nursing tank that my mother gifted me, which I was never a fan of because it compressed my chest too much and caused engorgement or leaking.  Surely a larger size would not have caused this, but I was using it in the early days when I just didn't have time to be shopping around for new nursing tanks or spending an arm and a leg on them.

WOW. . .you can probably tell that I write these posts near delirium after 1am, because my thoughts are all jumbled up.  But there you have it. . . bands, bras, tanks and tees :)


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mamapoekie said...

over the top nurser too... or sideways (wear a lot of African 'booboos').

Katy said...

I definitely can relate to this! I really never want my belly skin to see the light of day, even at my own house. I found some full-bust nursing tanks this time around that have made such a difference for me. I wear them under my regular shirts and nobody ever has to see my mid-section :)

Last time, I was an over the top nurser. So easy that way with the right neckline!

Krystyna said...

I am also a belly hider - I used my pregnancy belly band until I discovered Modest Middles. In AZ, we wear lots of V-necks and tanks - anything to avoid the skin contact! I had never thought of it as having the benefit of being easier on the laundry pile before - I will add that to my gratitude list :) Happy breastfeeding to you and your nursling!