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Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 2011

For the second year, I held a World Breastfeeding Week fundraiser to raise funds for the La Leche League group I volunteer with, as a leader. The week was another great success. I had 16 families who showed up for the photo sessions, which took place in three hour blocks, over three days and in three different locations around the Salt Lake Valley. My next set of posts will be those 16 families (three of whom chose not to have photos from their shoots shared, so really just 13 families). We had a great year, it's an AWESOME fundraiser. I love meeting the new moms, some are moms who show up for all of my fundraisers and nursing portrait promotions, but others just show up at the last minute, having heard of our fundraiser online or through a friend. We raised over $300 this year, $30+ went to LLL of UT, another $30+ went to WBW (LLL USA) and more than $250 went to our own LLL group. Thank you to all who participated!

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