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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alyse & Wyatt

Aren't these two just the cutest?!Alyse couldn't decide if she wanted the indoor/studio type setting that we provide for one of the days of shooting, or the outdoor park setting, so. . . you know. . .it's a fundraiser. . . I felt charitable, and enjoy the company and she showed up for two different shoots. Though I love using this fundraiser to add to a portfolio of gorgeous breastfeeding photos that help to continue to create a positive image of breastfeeding, I'm also happy to allow families to come for mini-portrait sessions, since all of the fundraising goes to the same place. So for the second shoot, Alyse brought along her husband, we did a short family photo session and Wyatt was too busy being a toddler in a park, to want to sit down to nurse, but we did get the ONE shot in the tall grasses :) So it was probably a good thing that they'd been there for nursing portraits on Thursday first :)

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