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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's the Online Appeal?

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I should probably sit this one out, but I'll make a few comments.

I was never part of any online forum, in fact, I've never understood the appeal, but I suppose in an age where we find most of our community online and not with face to face contact, it makes sense.

I will say, that recently a friend of mine was having a struggle with her daughter, her JUST 2 year old daughter. She went online to find an answer, and she found an answer alright. And then she posted about it online too. I was saddened that she had such lack of support system that she'd go online to an unknown community to seek advice, I was horrified at the action she took, and appalled that finding the information online somehow made it correct and justifiable. Most of all, I was confused why someone would go ONLINE and ask the advice, or read the advice of a perfect stranger, to help her make a parenting decision. To me, this goes against everything I understand and try to instill in mothers I've worked with, "trust thyself."

So, perhaps here I'd like to ask my own question, what is the appeal?

Living in a country, not my own, when my oldest daughter was born, I was SO thankful for the internet, in order to talk with some mamas I knew and trusted, to use them as sounding boards while I walked the road of the unknown, but I would not and could not have trusted those questions, concerns, fears and even the good stuff, to a forum of mothers I'd never met, and likely never would. Again, I'm sure that when we do not have support systems in place, this is a way to seek a support system, almost anonymously, so perhaps that is why it is an appealing means of forming community. That said, I am then, extra thankful today for the women in my life who I knew I could turn to and trust along the way, and that I DID and do have a support system, when it comes to breastfeeding, but also just in my mothering.
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